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Tim Ward

Software Engineer

Available: Please call or email for availability
Location:Cambridge, England
Contact:07801 703 600

I will work for clients based anywhere in the world, as long as most of the work can be done in or near Cambridge. I will not stay away from home for long periods or commute long distances on a daily basis.


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Curriculum Vitae

Tim Ward

Technical and business skills

Technical experienceMachines

Experience of many machines of all types from embedded microprocessors to mainframes. Recent work has concentrated on Windows and Linux platforms.

Languages and systems

Experience of many assemblers, compiled and interpreted languages. Recent hands-on experience includes amongst other things:

  • Java - server development on Linux using a range of Java technologies
  • Java - client development on Windows using Swing; Android apps
  • Web - JavaScript / HTML / CSS / XML
  • SQL - database design, implementation, optimisation using a variety of databases
  • C++ - Windows client development, and Linux server applications


Experience of many application areas in many industries, mostly technical computing of some kind but also some traditional commercial DP. Much, but not all, of the recent work has involved management systems, including electricity supply, street lighting and telecomms (GSM, GPRS, 3G). See employment history for some individual projects.

Project management An excellent record of on time, within budget delivery. Project planning, reporting and control; resource planning, allocation and control; technical supervision and training of project staff.
Communication Used to communicating verbally and in writing at all levels; excellent technical documentation in particular.
Product design Experienced in all phases of product and system development from project inception to post-installation support involving a wide range of computer systems, programming languages and application areas.
Commercial Proposal preparation, requirements analysis and specification writing, contract negotiation. Supplier selection and management.

Employment history

2017-2019Origami Energy Limited

Senior Software Engineer, working on various aspects of a management system for the electricity supply industry.

Hands-on technologies used include

  • Java - mostly server, some embedded
  • Infrastructure - Kafka including Kafka Streams, Kubernetes
  • Database - MariaDB (MySQL), including performance optimisation work
  • Logging, monitoring and alerting - Elastic Stack, Python
2013-2017Telensa Limited

Principle Software Engineer, with technical roles covering the complete software development life cycle, from requirements capture through architecture, design and implementation to field support, and management roles including line management, recruitment, project management and technical team leadership.

Responsible for a team developing and maintaining street lighting management systems, including web user interface, business logic and database layers, and interfaces to external systems.

Hands-on technologies used include

  • Web - JavaScript / HTML / CSS / XML / JSON, Ext JS
  • Business logic - PHP, SQL stored procedures
  • Database - Firebird, including extensive performance optimisation work
  • Java - Android apps, OSGi server logic
with small amounts of work in, and exposure to, several other technologies, including C/C++ and PostgreSQL.

1996-Brett Ward Limited, Cambridge (own company)

Contract software engineer. Details of clients and projects given below, to the extent that these are not confidential (some security industry projects have been omitted).

  • e-Learning publishing systems Maintenance of a tool in a e-Learning system publication chain. Java, XMLBeans, XML, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ext-JS, Linux.
2002-2012Mobile phone industry
  • Mobile phone base station management systems Design, build, test and maintain a variety of products to install, configure, test, monitor and control GSM, GPRS and 3G base stations. Java (EJB and other server technologies, Swing and other client technologies), JavaScript/HTML/CSS, C++ (MSVC and gcc), Windows, Linux, database (ADO, ODBC, JDBC, MySQL, Access), XML (including XSLT), various GSM, GPRS and other 3GPP protocol suites.
  • Network simulation Design, build, test and maintain simulators for various parts of mobile phone networks. C++ (MSVC), GSM etc protocols, TCP/IP tunnelling and packet rewriting.
See for more details.
  • Process plant simulation Extending a process plant training simulation system. C on NT.
  • Web browser / mobile phone integration. Integrating three different versions of web browsers onto a total of four different mobile phones. Brett Ward Limited was a Microsoft Mobile Explorer System Integrator. Embedded C on a variety of platforms.
  • Web site debugging. The client's web site had stopped working following some changes and half the transactions were not being recorded in the database; his usual technical resource was not available. The problem was diagnosed and a workaround implemented within a few hours. Technologies involved: IIS, ASP, HTML, VBScript, Access 2000.
1999, 2006Gardasoft
  • Database restructuring. Convert a database from DBF files to Access. Restructure and optimise performance, and add new features. Before: one particular operation took seven days to run. After: two minutes. Access 97, VB.
  • Image processing. Machine vision system for setup of a machine tool. Before: minimum setup time 20 minutes for a skilled operator. After: typical setup time two minutes for an unskilled operator. Visual C++, MFC, VB. Image processing system: WiT.
  • Image processing. Development of machine vision QA system. Visual C++, MFC, VB. Image processing system: WiT.
  • Video processing. Bug fixing and enhancement of a video processing and image processing application. Visual C++, MFC. Image processing system: HIL/HAIL.
1998-9Transaction TV
  • DVB - Digital TV - Turbo Internet - e-commerce. System design, supplier and product evaluation, recruitment etc, to support the development of a large e-commerce system to be delivered by satellite, combined with a digital TV channel and a Turbo Internet service.

    Technologies used include DVB, MPEG-2, SQL Server, Visual C++, TCP/IP.

  • Visual C++ - Windows NT - SDH communications. Maintenance and continued development of Node Managers using CMISE protocols to manage SDH node equipment.
1996-1997Scientific Generics
  • Sybase / Windows client-server development. Maintenance of parts of a large three-level client-server commercial Sybase application, including production of a new data feed subsystem. Technologies used include Transact-SQL, db-Library, and Unix C programming on Sun hardware, and Windows C programming and Visual Basic at the front end.
  • Microsoft Access Performance Optimisation. Work done to improve the performance of a batch function in an Access database system. A particular operation which started off taking around thirty hours ended up taking less than half an hour.
  • Financial Modelling System. Maintenance of a financial modelling system written in Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, including development of a subsystem to transfer data between the two applications.
1996Cambridge University Press
  • Multimedia CD-ROM Beta Testing. Beta testing of a multimedia CD-ROM title for an academic publisher.

1993-96Cotag International, Cambridge

Software Manager. Responsible for creating and managing the software development department. Cotag design and manufacture access control systems based on a "hands free" RFID (radio frequency identification) device. Reporting to the Development Director.

Introduction of professional software engineering practices, systems and tools (version control, change database, documentation and coding standards etc) and improved testing and QA procedures, leading to more reliable delivery dates and considerably fewer bugs delivered to customers.

Introduction, management and maintenance of Windows NT / WFWG network to coexist with company's Novell network.

Writing requirements, functional and design specifications.

Retained hands-on experience with various DOS development tools and MS Access, Asymetrix ToolBook, MS Visual C++, using assorted Windows technologies (including WFWG SDK, NetDDE in addition to the more usual interfaces). Kept up to date with Windows technology via MSDN etc.

Projects. New versions of the company's DOS-based access control software, including a new networked multi-user version; an MS Windows based Alarm Graphics package; a completely redesigned MS Windows based replacement for the DOS access control software package (under development).

1993Cyberscience, Hoddesdon

PC Team Leader. Responsible for production of new PC versions of the company's 4GL products.

1992Aprotec International, Peterborough

Development Manager. Responsible for production of a new version of the company's product in the document management market.

1992The Scottish Office. Communications consultancy: investigating and reporting on communications problems on a computer network, including recommendations for improvements.
1991A large Japanese electronics company. Product design consultancy. Responsible for the functional design of the software for a new product for the European market. Liaison with hardware designers.
1980-91OTIB A.T. Cambridge Limited, formerly GST Professional Services Limited

Section Manager, Embedded Systems Section (1988-1990). Responsible for section of up to 10 software engineers: staff selection, appraisal, technical supervision. Consultancy, project management and supervision, technical sales assistance, contract negotiation, proposal preparation, quality assurance.

Standards Librarian (1987-1991). Responsible for coordination of standards preparation and issue; member of Standards and QA committee working towards BS5750 registration. Writing of various standards (since 1980) forming GST's quality manual and project management methodology and motivation of staff to use them.

Projects. Involved at various levels (including design and programming in most cases) in a wide variety of assignments, including (amongst many others):

  • Typografica - project manager: GST Software Products' font generation package for word processors and desktop publishers.
  • Acorn Desktop Publisher - project manager: conversion of a GEM-based desktop publishing package to the Acorn Archimedes GUI environment.
  • Archimedes 1st Word Plus - project manager: conversion of a GEM-based word processor to the Acorn Archimedes GUI environment.
  • Point of sale - project supervisor: maintenance of software running in a point of sale system and associated work with the central mainframe system.
  • Communications system - project supervisor (this role included selling the project, contract negotiation, requirements analysis and specification): associated with the above project, replacing an outdated PDP11 communications system with a higher capacity VAX-based solution..
  • Financial information terminal - project manager (this role included selling the project, contract negotiation): hardware design and implementation, software design and implementation, manufacture.
  • Operating system - designer and team leader: building a single-user multi-tasking operating system for Motorola 68000.
  • Assemblers and linkers - project manager, designer, programmer: production of various assemblers for various machines; maintenance of linkers.
  • CAD system - project manager: make a large CAD system machine-independent and create an IBM mainframe implementation from the original on Prime.
1978-80 HPAC Limited, Oxford

Design and implementation of various compilers, codegenerators and runtime libraries. Contribution to the BSI standardisation effort for RTL/2.

1978MEJ Electronics Limited, Dorking

Design of microprogramming language for AMD 2900. Production of microcode assembler. Production of multitasking system for TMS 9900. Machine control software for 9900. Hardware debugging.

1977-78 CPI Data Peripherals Limited, Stevenage

Design and implementation of cross-assembler. Design and implementation of test software for magnetic tape equipment.


Various vacation jobs involving programming and digital electronics, mostly word processor development for Data Recall in Dorking.

Personal information

Name Timothy Derek WARD
Address 12 Harding Way, Cambridge, CB4 3RR
Telephone 07801 703600
Personal skills Driving licence, groups A, D, E
Private pilot's licence
Competent touch typist
Poor French, did learn some Czech once but forgotten it all now


1966-73 Bristol Cathedral School
8 O levels from English Literature 50% to Maths 94%
A level Maths, Physics, Chemistry, all grade A
1973-77 Churchill College, Cambridge
1974Maths Tripos IA class 2
1975Maths Tripos IB class 2
1976Computer Science Tripos class 1
1976-77 I spent 1976-77 as a research student at Cambridge, investigating distributed operating systems.
Professional qualifications MBCS (Member of the British Computer Society)
CEng (Chartered Engineer)
Qualified Internal Quality Auditor (haven't practiced recently)

Other activities

Politics Former member of Cambridge City Council
Voluntary work as UN Election Supervisor and Observer in Kosovo and Ukraine