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Beware of criminals who may attempt to use this notice board (as they use other media) to perpetrate scams. Some scams involve seemingly genuine looking advertisements, but if you reply you get an email asking potential tenants to send money before even viewing the property.

I suggest that you do not part with any money until you have visited the property and you have a proper signed contract in your hands. This won't guarantee against fraud, but it will avoid some of the scammers.

If this happens to you please tell the police, and let me have the details of the advertisements so that I can delete them.

Another scam currently doing the rounds is to email you asking you to call back on a premium rate (eg 070) number - you get to pay to listen to a recorded message containing lots of waffle, and there's no real room or tenant on offer of course.

This page is a free service to private landlords, people managing shared houses, etc (not agencies - but see the Other Resources button) with residential property to let in the Cambridge (England) area. People seeking accommodation in Cambridge may also advertise here free.

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  1. Look, this is an advertising site. Anything you put into an advertisement will be published - that's the whole point.
  2. I request a valid email address from advertisers so that I can contact them with any queries.
  3. It is, however, up to the advertiser whether or not they want the email address to appear in the advertisement.
  4. I will use the email address to send emails regarding the management of the advertisement.
  5. I may use the email address to send emails regarding the overall management of the site not connected to the specific advertisement, but so far I have never done so.
  6. It is not my intention to use the email address for anything else or to pass it to third parties.
  7. You will appreciate that a spammer could harvest email addresses from the site.
  8. This site uses cookies. The site itself uses cookies to remember your search criteria from one visit to the site to the next. In addition Google services used by the site (Adsense and Maps) probably use cookies and the Twitter feature quite possibly uses cookies. For details of the usage of these third party cookies you could try looking on the Google and Twitter web sites.
  9. Some pages contain client-side scripting. This is all optional - the site will work if you are sufficiently paranoid to turn off scripting or if your browser doesn't support scripting.
  10. Database security is largely up to my ISP, not me. The idea is that a hacker should not find it easy to read or change the database and hence advertisements whether published, deleted or rejected.

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