Beware of criminals who may attempt to use this notice board (as they use other media) to perpetrate scams. Some scams involve seemingly genuine looking advertisements, but if you reply you get an email asking potential tenants to send money before even viewing the property.

I suggest that you do not part with any money until you have visited the property and you have a proper signed contract in your hands. This won't guarantee against fraud, but it will avoid some of the scammers.

If this happens to you please tell the police, and let me have the details of the advertisements so that I can delete them.

Another scam currently doing the rounds is to email you asking you to call back on a premium rate (eg 070) number - you get to pay to listen to a recorded message containing lots of waffle, and there's no real room or tenant on offer of course.

This page is a free service to private landlords, people managing shared houses, etc (not agencies - but see the Other Resources button) with residential property to let in the Cambridge (England) area. People seeking accommodation in Cambridge may also advertise here free.

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The Cambridge Accommodation Notice board now has a fair amount of data on rentals, seasonable variation of activity in the market, what people search for, and so on. I'm starting to experiment with how to present this data.

All this data is Copyright © 2006 Tim Ward and/or Copyright © 2006 Brett Ward Limited. You may not sell this data. You may use this data in other ways provided that you include this copyright notice and a reference (a link will do fine) to the Cambridge Accommodation Notice Board.

The graph below shows the number of advertisments advertising rooms to let in various price ranges, eg the column labelled 320 shows how many advertisements there have been (over the last year or so) for rooms priced between £320 and £339 per month.

Some care must be taken in interpreting this information. Advertised rents don't necessarily tell you how much rent was eventually paid; some of the advertised rents do include various bills that others don't; some advertisements are for several rooms in which case the recorded rent is only for the cheapest.

If you have suggestions for other data I could display here please let me know.
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